Newsplayer Group PLC
04 August 2003

                                                                   4 August 2003

                              Newsplayer Group plc
                            ('NPG' or the 'Company')

                Placing of new Ordinary Shares to raise ??740,000

Newsplayer Group plc, the media company, announces that it has raised ??740,475
before expenses, through a placing of 16,455,000 new ordinary shares of 1p each
in the Company ('new Ordinary Shares') at a price of 4.5p per share (the '

Details of the Placing

The Placing comprises the issue of the new Ordinary Shares which represent 22.8
per cent. of the current issued share capital of the Company or 18.6 per cent.
of the enlarged issued share capital.

The new Ordinary Shares have been placed with institutional and other investors,
including executive directors Paul Duffen and Barry Llewellyn, non-executive
director Sir David Frost and the Chairman, David Holdgate, who are investing in
aggregate ??192,000.

The net proceeds of the Placing will be used to provide additional working
capital for the Company.

The Directors have been advised that the new Ordinary Shares are 'eligible
shares' for the purposes of investment by Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) and
subscribers under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). Accordingly, depending
on their personal circumstances and the relevant legislation, applicants for new
Ordinary Shares may qualify for tax relief on their investment under the
Enterprise Investment Scheme and holdings of new Ordinary Shares should qualify
as relevant holdings for investment by Venture Capital Trusts.

Application has been made for the new Ordinary Shares to be admitted to trading
on AIM and dealings in the new Ordinary Shares are expected to commence on 7
August 2003.

Directors' and other interests

Following the Placing, the interests of the Directors and principal shareholders
subscribing in the Placing are:

                         Number of new     Total number of       Percentage of 
                        Ordinary Shares  Ordinary Shares held   enlarged issued 
                       subscribed for in    following the         share capital
                          the Placing          Placing            
David Holdgate              600,000            635,714                 0.72%
Sir David Frost            3,333,333          3,333,333                3.76%
Paul Duffen                 166,667           8,488,703                9.57%
Barry Llewellyn             166,667           8,488,703                9.57%
Reef Securities Limited     560,000           7,724,422                8.71%
Williams de Broe           7,310,000          7,628,120                8.60%

Working capital

As part of the process of the Placing, the Directors have reviewed the working
capital position of the Company. As a result of this review, having taken
account of the net proceeds of the Placing, the Directors are of the opinion,
having made due and careful enquiry, that the working capital available to the
Company and its subsidiaries will be sufficient for their present requirements,
that is, for at least 12 months from the date of admission of the new Ordinary
Shares to trading on AIM.

Interim Results and Audited Accounts

NPG announced its interim results for the six months ended 30 April 2003 on 30
July 2003.

The principal subsidiary of Newsplayer Group plc is Newsplayer Limited.
Newsplayer Limited's audited accounts for the year ended 31 October 2002 were
signed by Deloitte & Touche, Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors, on 7
July 2003. The audit opinion for those accounts was unqualified but drew
attention to the following matter of emphasis, as disclosed in Note 1 of those

'The Directors have prepared the financial statements on a going concern basis
as the forecasts they have prepared indicate that the company will have
sufficient cash resources to satisfy its liabilities as they fall due for a
period of at least twelve months from the date of approval of these financial
statements.  The forecasts are subject to a number of uncertainties.

Firstly, the forecast includes the anticipated proceeds from a Research and
Development tax claim which has yet to be submitted at the date of approval of
the financial statements, and the outcome of this claim is therefore uncertain.
In the event that the proceeds of this claim were not received in the necessary
period the company has available to it a loan of ??250,000 from Reef Securities
Limited, a company controlled by one of the Directors of Newsplayer
International Limited, a fellow group company.

Secondly, the forecast contains a significant increase in revenues that are
dependent upon the completion of a number of major deals that are in the final
stages of negotiation.  The Directors are confident that they will be successful
in securing these deals.

In addition, Newsplayer Group plc, the ultimate parent undertaking, is in the
process of raising additional funding that is necessary to fund the operations
and expansion of the company and the group.  The Directors have agreed to defer
a proportion of their entitlement to further salary payments until this fund
raising has been completed and have agreed to accept payment in Newsplayer Group
plc shares to further conserve the cash available to the company.  The Directors
are confident that this fund raising will be successful and as a result believe
that the company will remain a going concern.

The financial statements do not include any adjustments that would result if the
going concern basis of preparation of the financial statements should not be

Subsequent to Newsplayer Limited's accounts being signed by the Auditors, the
Research and Development tax claim was submitted to the Inland Revenue on 10
July 2003. The claim is for an amount of ??205,000. Additionally, with regard to
the reference in the Auditor's statement to 'deals that are in the final stages
of negotiation', on 8 July the Company signed a 2 year Content Partner Agreement
with NTL which will generate subscription and advertising revenue for the

Corporate developments

On 28 April 2003, NPG announced that it anticipated completing the acquisition
of US company Global Media Services Inc. ('GMS') in the summer of 2003.
Following the completion of satisfactory due diligence on GMS, the Company
expects to complete the acquisition shortly.

The Directors expect that this acquisition will provide the Company with
service-based revenues from activities such as the encoding, hosting, delivery,
encryption, distribution and rights management of audiovisual assets as well as
revenues from e-messaging and e-mail based direct marketing.  As a pre-cursor to
its acquisition, NPG has signed a distribution agreement with GMS, which is
already enabling NPG to pursue service-based revenues in both the US and the UK.

The consideration for GMS is to be satisfied in full by the issue of new
ordinary shares in NPG which will represent 20 per cent. of the enlarged issued
share capital following the Placing and the acquisition, resulting in the
co-founders of GMS, Adam Cohen and Jennifer Sultan, each having an interest in
10 per cent. of the then issued share capital of the Company.  Dependant upon
the future performance of GMS, further new ordinary shares in NPG, up to a
maximum of 9.9 per cent. in aggregate of the enlarged issued share capital (as
enlarged by the issue of this deferred consideration) may be issued to Adam
Cohen and Jennifer Sultan.

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